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Cliquez sur les cercles représentant les membres qui offrent des programmes de soutien, bourses et autres bénéfices aux étudiants d’immersion qui désirent étudier en français à l’extérieur du Québec.

Click on one of the circles representing our members that offer tutoring, pairing, bursaries and other forms of support for immersion students who want to continue their studies in French outside of Quebec.

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Scholarships for Immersion Students

En français

The Réseau des cégeps et des collèges francophones du Canada (RCCFC) has as part of its mandate the creation of a true partnership between establishments providing high-quality French post-secondary education across Canada. The RCCFC is a network of support, promotion and exchange linked to the development of higher education in French in Canada using modern communications and information technologies.

The RCCFC also has as a mission to support the growth of Canadian francophone culture through the expertise provided by its members, networking together.

The RCCFC also works to improve the prominence of post-secondary education in French to all government organizations, primarily at the federal level.

To this extent, 25 students will receive a scholarship of $5,000 to cover their tuition fees for their first year of college education at one of the participating RCCFC member institutions.

These merit-based scholarships will open up new avenues of education, culture and personal growth to their recipients.


Here’s a unique chance to study in French at the member colleges and educational institutions of the RCCFC. This initiative will allow students to:

  • receive a high-quality college education in French in an enriching cultural environment;
  • gain linguistic and cultural assets that will give a significant edge in the labour market;
  • discover and get to know a Francophone minority community better while contributing to its vitality.

Eligibility Requirements

Are you interested?

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. be registered in a French immersion program in an English high school and be about to start your first year of college in French in 2015 -2016;
  2. demonstrate excellent academic performance;
  3. be ready to undertake a community service project during your first year of college;
  4. fill out a brief survey on your experience at the end of the school year.

This competition ends at the end of June 2015.

The application closing date is scheduled for the end of June 2015 and may vary at each institution. Contact the college or establishment where you are applying for more information.

To learn more, please visit our website at www.rccfc.ca

Contacts at the participating institutions

Collège Acadie IPÉ: Christine Arsenault christine.arsenault@collegaacadieipe.ca

Université Sainte-Anne : Hughie Batherson hughie.batherson@usainteanne.ca

CCNB – Nouveau-Brunswick : Marie-France Lanteigne marie-france.lanteigne@ccnb.ca

La Cité : Julie Brazeau jbraze@lacitec.con.ca

Collège Boréal – Sudbury : Nancy Raymond nancy.raymond@collegeboreal.ca

Collège Boréal – Toronto : Nancy Raymond nancy.raymond@collegeboreal.ca

Université de Saint-Boniface : Stéphane Gosselin sgosseli@ustboniface.ca

Centre collégial de l’Alberta : Emma Yellowbird emmanuel@ualberta.ca

Collège Mathieu : Laëtitia Lam Hang bourse@collegemathieu.sk.ca

Collège Éducacentre : Mélanie Hotte melaniehotte@educacentre.com

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Participating educational institutions

Participating colleges

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